Project 24 By Income School: Complete Review and Analysis [Updated 2020]

Project 24 by Income School Complete Analysis 2019
Written by Sanaa Ullah

In this post, you will get a complete detailed review of Project 24,  a paid Training program by Income School. In which you learn about creating a successful niche site for generating passive income.

Income School was created by Ricky and Jim. I Followed Income school  YouTube Channel  10 months ago. Where they posted very informative and amazing content free of cost. All their strategies were shared with live proofs.

SEO strategy of Ricky and Jim totally different from others.  Their approach of working on niche sites 90% opposite to what other experts do. They simply work on “Content is the King” formula. Which indicates you must Spend 80% of the time in creating killer content. They said in their videos: If a site has quality content, then other sites auto start giving links to that site. The site will be ranked high in google due to quality content and low bounce rate. Which means Project 24 is a complete content-based training program.

For Joining Project 24 you don’t need any technical skills, You will learn everything inside training content. This project designed for everyone who owns a computer or smartphone. 

What is Project 24 by Income School and how it works?

 Income School launched there paid program called “ Project 24”. Member of this program learns how to start a niche website by following their methods. Training content available in the form of videos, PDF, and Podcasts. Ricky, Jim and Team Project 24 helps you in finding low competition and profitable niche. Project 24 includes the following content which I listed below.

  1. Project 24 Introduction
  2. Steps to a successful site
  3. Picking Profitable Niches
  4. No Non-Sense SEO
  5. Web Traffic Snowball
  6. Email Marketing 101
  7. Mythbusting
  8. Hire and Train Writers
  9. Photography start
  10. Reviewing your site

Team Income School adding more and more updated content in their training. Project 24 is an Advanced program for helping people to earn a full-time income online in just 24 months.

Name Project 24
Instructors Jim and Ricky
Website Link
Product Learn how to make money online by building a website and affiliate marketing.
Price $449/1st Year
Author Income School

What your going to do in these 24 months is simply divided into 4 phases. Where you have to do some kind of activity in each phase within deadlines. For Clear concept, I added an infographic below from where you will get an idea of what actually students do in these 24 months.


Project 24 is the best Opportunity for those who are willing to pursue blogging as a full-time job. If you don’t have enough money to pay for their paid training, You can follow their YouTube Channel where they are posting quality content free.  You can learn a lot of stuff without paying a single buck.

I suggest you follow their free content if you’re new in blogging. When you understand basics clearly then move to paid training of Income school. Where Ricky and Jim will help you in stabling your online blogging career.

A playlist I added below from their YouTube Channel. In which they shared some useful case-studies and tutorials. About how to create a successful niche website within 6-10 months. You will get enough information and you can create a successful niche website.

Ricky and Jim shared 5 steps of creating a super niche website within in 6 months. I have shortly mentioned those steps and tried to explain these 5 steps. But you should watch their videos which I added above. Because maybe I will skip or forget to add anything which is useful and help you in creating your 1st niche website.

5 Steps for successful niche site by Income School [1000$ per Month]:

  1. Create Your Website and add 30 Articles

    1. 10 Response Articles (1200 – 1500 words long)
    2. 10 Staple Posts – Social shareable Articles ( 1200 – 1500 words long )
    3. 10 Pillar Articles
  2. Use YouTube to market your Content

    1. YouTube Video ranked fast
    2. Help you in getting traffics
    3. Ask viewers to visit your website for more information
  3. Implement Affiliate programs

    1. Add product links
    2. Products with the price range of 150$ – 200$
  4. Put Ads on Your Website

    1. Place Google AdSense Ads
    2. Ads banners
  5. Create Your Own Information Products


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Success Stories of different Bloggers who are following Income School:

Frank Bagnato is the guy who recently joins Project 24. In this video, he shares his results after completing 1st 60 steps. You can see him showing all the stats live and he is happy with current results. There is more to come but in this video, he only shares 2,3 websites with us. Results are totally based upon quality content.


I really, don’t know the name of the guy who’s in the video I am adding below. You will be surprised that he gets these results by just following free videos which are posted by Ricky and Jim on YouTube. He also discloses his niche and websites with earning proofs. As he targeted low-cost products but sales ratio is mind-blowing.

Another Success Story is from Jaron who is making $100/day from a Simple Niche Site. He did not disclose his niche and website link.  But he shares stats and earning reports how he starts earnings from his brand new website. He is a paid member of Project 24 and happy with the results he gets after joining. You can watch his complete review and story

Want to Join the Project 24 Program: Join Now

FAQs :

How Much this Course Cost you?

Project 24 cost you $449.00 for your very first year.  If you choose to continue on with the course, each successive year is only $199.

Does this course works outside the USA?
Yes, You can join this course from any part of the world.

So, this is a short Review of Income School Training methods and Project 24. I recommend you to go for their paid training if you have money to spend. Project 24 is a life-changing course for those who want to pursue Blogging as a career.


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