How to start a new profitable blog in 2019

How to start a new profitable blog in 2019
Written by Sanaa Ullah

If you are planning to start your brand new Blog in 2019. But have no idea about how to start a blog in a proper way. Then this post will help you in creating your very 1st blog in 2019. This will be a step by step guide which includes everything you need to know for creating an awesome blog.  I will share different ways of monetizing and tools which can help you in growing your brand new blog.

Every third person wants to create a blog for making a source of passive income. They don’t even know anything about blog or niche site creation. But still, they want to earn money from their blogs. That’s true! You can make money from your blogs. But it’s like daydreaming if you think that you will earn instantly after publishing your very 1st posts.

How to start a new profitable blog in 2019

When I started, I was thinking same as you. But when I start understanding concepts of blogging and creating powerful passive sites. I came to know that nothing gonna work instantly and if something works instantly it may be a black hat methodology or short term benefits thing.

In this ultimate guide, you will learn how to create a profitable website!

Niche Selection and Keyword Research for your new blog

A 1st and very important step in creating any website is selecting niche(category, topic) for your website. To select your niche you need to do brainstorming and come up with the best topic. You have proper knowledge about the niche and you have the ability to write 30 – 50 posts on your website for that niche.

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If you’re still confused in selecting a perfect niche for your new blog. Then do the activity I mention below and I am sure you will get a perfect niche for your website on which you can work confidently.

Things you’re good at:

create a list of things in which your good and have a full grip. Like Cocking, Sports, and Study.

Things make you happy:

Create a list of things, you enjoy a lot while doing them. Maybe Music, Eating and Dance.

Things you want to learn: 

Create a list of things which you want to learn. For example, driving, Claiming, and singing.


In 10 to 15 mins you will get a perfect niche for your new blog 🙂

How to start a new profitable blog in 2019

How to do Keyword research and why keyword research is important?

Keywords are the phrase or query which a user uses to search. In the answer to their query search engine show results for their keywords. Each website shown in the result is ranked for that keyword. So, working on the right keywords is more important. You should keep this thing in mind every successful blog have focused keywords oriented content. You need to do proper keyword research before writing a new post and extract some valuable keyword for your post.

For Keyword research you can use different free and paid tools. Depend upon your choice which one you use and what kind of information you want to know. I will suggest you Ubersuggest and Keyword everywhere (chrome extension). Both tools are free and easy to use.

Finding best keywords by using Uber Suggest:

Now go to Ubersuggest and search for a keyword on which your planning to publish a post. After that hit enter and you will get complete information about that keyword. Which includes Monthly searches, Competition, and CPC.

Finding best keywords by using Uber Suggest:


In the above screenshot, I use the term “How to make tea” and go all the information about that keyword. It has around 8,000 monthly searches and low competition. Which mean if I work on this keyword I will get 80% traffic from google on this keyword. We have to use related keywords in our post as well. So, now it’s time to click on the keywords ideas.


Finding best keywords by using Uber Suggest:


Now you can see other related searches of the same topic with complete metrics and SEO Difficulty. You can filter to fetch keywords according to your requirement.  Keywords under 20 SE Difficulty are low competition keywords and you can target them for a new blog. Select keywords and save them into a file.

So, our niche and keyword Research phase is complete. Now its time for the domain and hosting purchasing + Website creation.

Domain + Hosting and WordPress Installation:

Now in this section, I will guide you about how to select the targeted domain for your blog. Also, suggest you few hosting companies from where you can get a domain and Hosting server in reasonable price.

Choose domain name related to your niche and keywords you’re going to target. Use EMD (Exact Match Domain) if available. Also, go with “.com” Extension.

Purchasing Domain and Hosting:

There are many big companies who are providing best hosting services. I will suggest you Namecheap for hosting and domain. Once you are done with domain and hosting than open your Cpanel account. Install WordPress on your website and then login into your website. If you don’t know how to install WordPress. Then watch the video below and follow the steps which are shown in the video.


Install a responsive theme on your website:

Always select responsive and user-friendly theme on your website. Keep your website design simple and easy to navigate. I suggest you use Voice Theme. Also add some useful plugins like Yoast SEO, WP Forms, and Elementor.  These plugins help you in Optimizing and Designing your content.

Create Pages like Contact us, About us and Privacy Policy pages for your site. After that, your site ready to go and you need to publish your very 1st post on your blog.

Content and link building:

Now it’s time to upload content on your website. So, open your keyword file which you downloaded in during keyword research. Use those keywords in your content and each post must be 1000 words long.

Made at least 30 posts on your website within 2 months. which includes 10 response posts[1200 words long], 10 viral posts [1200 long words], 10 pillar posts [3000 words long].

Index your all posts and website in all search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex.

After completing your content phase now it’s time to create few backlinks for your website. Use Social media for sharing your posts links. Also, join forums related to your niche. Where you can share your website link and also get an idea what people want to know or demand in your niche.

Write guest posts for other blogs which are related to your blog and get links back to your website. Create a YouTube channel related to your website and share video content on that YouTube Channel.

You can see traffic is flowing in and increasing day by day. Now it’s time to monetize your Blog!

Monetizing your blog in different ways:

There are different options for monetizing a blog. You can use a different combination of monetization programs according to your needs.

Google AdSense:
Most of the bloggers use Google AdSense as a 1st option for monetizing their websites.  Google AdSense is paying for placing ads on the blog. You earn money on views and clicks made on you those ads from your website.

Affiliate Marketing
You can use affiliate links of different products on your website. When sale made through your link. You will get a commission on that sale. Commission vary product to product and it can be 10% to 85%.

Paid Content

You can publish paid content on your website and charge content provider. Also, you can place custom banners of companies on your website on a monthly bases.


So, this is all about creating a perfect blog in 2019 and you can comment below if you need any help related to starting your very 1st blog.

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